Being a World Famous CEO – The Responsibility and Fame

There are many people right now dreaming to be a ceo of their own company. But have you ever realized how much pressure these people have to handle and the steps they have climbed to reach to this current position. All these have not happened in a single day, they had countless years, months and hours work go through in upbringing a team or a company which now makes them so successful.

The qualities they posses are unique and can be held responsible for their efficiency. If youngster’s getting into business want to see the same result then better follow the proven strategies of a top ceo. We have made an attempt to list some of these strategies that might help you along.


They love jobs that is complex but at the same time give them some enjoyment. Good ceo’s take decision considering all aspects of their business as well as keeping other factors in mind which might influence in the future. They think in the past and try to avoid those mistakes again, and also take care of the future so that they don’t face any problems (pre-determined) and in the present they solve those problems which were unexpected or improvise the current situation using minimal resources.

Many ceo’s wake up early in the morning and decide what they have to do for the day, this gives them a clear vision and less tension throughout the day. It works like a charm. At last don’t forget to exercise which will help you keep both your heart and mind healthy and take right decisions easily. You can catch more of these stuff at the trinity code which is a good way to start your business.

Connect With Like Minded Businessmen to Succeed

It never gets better than this folks. When you have someone by your side helping you succeed in a business then that would be really great. But does that happen all of a sudden, no these days you have to earn every bit of it. Let me put out my opinion why I recommend connecting with like minded people will help in growing each others business effortlessly.

Just imagine yourself working alongside a friend who shares the same interest like you. It is an absolute ideal environment for upcoming businessmen. Like wise you should constantly keep looking for people who are in the same field as yours. This will not only help both the parties but it sets a platform for development at a faster pace also.

What I meant was? when the other party who apparently is in the similar situation connects with you, there is sharing of knowledge and various techniques that would be unheard of some times. Not everyone is brilliant at work, some are good at one part of the job and the other he or she would be lagging behind. This is where networking helps, ask people who are better than you to help solve that disadvantage in your business process. Most of the times there will be a positive response from them. In the same way, you should also help them in their business if you are good at it.

Next I have explained how to identify people who are in the same boat as you.

How to find potential partners?

It has got easier than ever before with the reach of technology everywhere. We have to make use of these technologies and get connected with customers as well as contact partners who could help promote your services to even more larger audience.

Not only this there are a big list of advantages if you connect with them.

  1. Leverage the experience of the partner.
  2. Learn about the technologies used to save cost and get better at customer support.
  3. Deliver good quality without compromising.
  4. Stay up to date with your niche market trends.

Guess by now you must have realized the importance of networking with other businessmen for maximum benefit both personally and economically.


Motivation for Struggling Entrepreneurs – You Got to Read this

I always wanted to write something that would address the young and budding entrepreneurs. And had this feeling that a post which can help those struggling entrepreneurs will be a great idea. This is why I wrote this article and don’t just read it enjoy and if possible implement them in your daily activities. You will definitely see some positive changes in a few days.

People arriving on this blog would be interested in knowing what it has to offer. In simple it is a collection of some tips that will motivate you and help simplify your daily routine with actionable plans.

These 3 are the most common problems of a struggling entrepreneur toady.

  1. You have not seen the real success.
  2. You did not become what you dreamed of.
  3. Failing day after day.

The answer to all these questions will be explained in detail, just hop on.

If you are in the verge of giving up then stop right there, because you have come too far to give up now. The problem with most of us is that we don’t understand some of the basic stuff which when followed will simplify the entire process no matter what problem you are dealing with. Just sit down and make a list of all the obstacles you are facing right now. When done, select each one and find a solution that is both economical and at the same time will assure that real success to you.

If unsure of the solution then why don’t you ask? Yes, many solutions are obtained just by discussing the issue with others (may in the same field or other) try it once and see the difference. Take this to the next level approach an expert who can help out. You will be amazed with what their suggestions can do to your business and the way you look at the failure (also success).motivation entrepreneurs

Do the same with every point in the list that was made in the earlier step. At the end, there will be a brilliant strategy put together which should work every time.

Are you looking for motivation then have poster’s on your room wall, read quotes given by the successful people in the industry and don’t forget to watch their videos. The crucial stuff here is whenever you feel like quitting just think once about all those reasons which made you start or take up this venture, that you are abandoning now.

Make a quick search on google and find loads of websites that offer inspirational stories from across the globe and there is no other substitute than these real people sharing their success stories with struggling folks.

Now you should be ready with an action plan that will be followed every day until you succeed. Try to share your thoughts with dear ones which will give you some mental relief and a sense of satisfaction. If you are going wrong there will be someone who can tell about that.

One more thing, don’t take any critic personally prove that they are wrong by doing better than what others thought you were.

Startup Ideas That Still Work Today If You Do It Right

Today many young entreprenurs prefer to give the world their best through a new start up that can address the existing problems or create a new opportunity in the future. But the only thing lagging them back is the idea, what is the best business to get into and how to start? If they can get the answers for these queries then everything else seems to be very easy.

Whether you are starting a small business or a software company that you want to scale up to a giant brand, all this should start from the ground up. So focus on what works right now and analyze will it work in the future also. If it does then go ahead with them the success rate would be higher. Wait how many of you are confused? Do you need this to be broken down into simpler ideas that one can target then continue reading.

First figure out what is your field of interest or any passion that you always dreamed of. Now check out whether there are any opportunity to set up a new business in that dream niche. If you find it difficult to find them, then don’t worry we have a solution here. Go to online forums and discussion boards and see what they are discussing some people might not have found solution for a particular problem so he or she is asking experts on the forum. Try to be their expert solve their problem with a product or service. This could probably become a big business to you and at the same time solve the other parties problem.

It is not only the discussion forum that provides an idea but there are many places like blogs related to your passion, check their site and also read the comments left by visitors. They are a valuable source of ideas that can fire up a business opportunity to anyone looking to have his own startup.

This was just the beginning. Why don’t you focus on some common problems that are left unattended in you local area or the district. Sounds unusual but it works trust the idea. For more inspiration check out forbes website.

The other ingenious idea is to target businesses that are already existing and do stuff better than them. Provide more value at a affordable price and sure the customers are going to love it. This is a good way to build your brand around an existing business.

Ecommerce – Have You Considered this Option

These days who doesn’t know about online shopping? I guess almost everyone in the urban areas use it in their daily life. It has reached such a level that people are entirely dependent on these online services for all their basic needs. One such service that people are addicted to is ecommerce.

Before we dive into this deeply, let us know the history of ecommerce first.

In simple words the definition of ecommerce says that it is a business process where merchants can sell their items online and get paid, and also customers can buy these items and pay the merchants through electronic payment methods.


Almost 2 decades back, people used to buy and sell goods offline through shops, malls and other modes. It all started between two colleges in the early 1970′s which then was developed to help people shop online. But things have changed now, everybody is looking for something online to buy or to research consumer reviews and opinions over a product.

Now what does this all mean to you? Well if you understand the benefits of ecommerce then why don’t you consider building a small business that sells physical products through an online store front.

It is not difficult these days because there are many turnkey solutions, software that help people build their own ecommerce website in a matter of minutes. If you are low on budget then don’t worry there are many open source ecommerce projects which offer better solution to your requirements. You don’t have to own a product, find a wholesale dealer or supplier who can ship products on your behalf. Just collect your share of revenue for referring a sale.

To start off, you can get some training from someone who is experienced in selling stuffs online. Because with a teacher the chances of success is always high. Next, build more of this online stores. When all these stuff is done right, there is no doubt that you will succeed. Do dare to think different and try to do things better than the existing services.

Job vs Business Which One is Better?

I know many of you reading this article do have this confusion in mind. There are many factors that come into play when deciding whether to go with a regular job or jump out and explore a new world called business. Each one has it’s own issues but doing what suits your situation right now matters at the end of the day.

When you go out read those success stories of people may be of your age or younger, it is a common feeling to many of us to think of something that would get us to such a position. But in reality we do not venture out get things done, this is our biggest problem. And keeps pulling us back from really trying it out. If you are really good at it or feel you could be something better then it is worth going after it. There is no stopping you, when you know what you are doing and if it is in a decent market then it is even better.


Just take your time before deciding on a particular kind of business. Take all considerations into account and analyze your market whether it is really worth and will this business get you the return on investments. If you answered yes, move on but don’t forget to learn before you dive into something that you have never done before. If you are zero on investment then why don’t you get a job and raise some funds and then get back to your business.

It is always safe to take advice and then move forward instead of incurring loss or damage to your reputation. If you are very serious about business then just get yourself a degree in business, it definitely helps.

In other words a job is conventionally considered as a safe bet but in today’s economic scenario nothing is safe from crisis. The best part here is one can rest assured that there is no loss and he or she gets paid by the end of the day or month. It is a good option.

There are many people who hold a day job but even though have a small business which gets them some residual income every month. An extra source of income is always better isn’t it. At the end of the day being smart counts for a better tomorrow. I hope you agree with me.

Product Support Is it Necessary?

This is a basic question almost every small business owner all over the world have today. The topic is absolutely a great debate. Some people accept that it is necessary and some don’t. As I always say every business as it’s own requirement and if it is really required then go for it don’t wait.

Let me break this down into two options and explain whether it is necessary for your products or not.

  1. Do you own products that are complex to use?
  2. Are they targeted to all kinds of consumers. If yes, then do they know how to use them.
  3. Do you offer them warranty?

If you said yes, then product support would be a good option to your business. You can lower the burden by providing them video tutorials, user manuals, make a useful post which would answer most frequently asked questions and this will also easy your job.

Also if you own a online store then if would be awesome to create a forum and let the users interact with each other. This will also help them learn and better use the products or services. There is nothing better than real human interaction when it comes down to product support.

If this does not help them then the final destination would be to contact directly with the owner of the product or a representative. Provide them with the business support email and try to be quick when the mail you. Put your buyers on a email autoresponder send them training details and updates regarding the product, it will keep your customers engaged with your business and also build a brand across the service your business offers them.

If you have products that don’t require any product support then the user guide and few tutorial style video is enough.

Business Ethics Code Do You Follow Them?

Yes, you heard it right. Ethics sounds peculiar for a business but the background behind it is everything. You follow them and the customers will follow your products and services.

So what is this all about?

Imagine a friend or someone close to you. What if that person you trust the most cheats you won’t that hurt. Yes, it definitely does. The same thing applied to businesses too, when customer is tricked into something and doesn’t get what he or she is promised then it really hurts the business. This is surely not the good way to do business hope you understand this.

Look at the top brands in the industry, do you get any doubts regarding their customer service. Well there may be some incidents where mistakes do happen but kept at a minimal rate. All these top companies have a standard or code of ethics which they follow in their day to day activities or process flow that makes them so successful to become a household brand.

It is essential for small businesses which is just blooming from its starting stages to have its own code of standard to follow upon. This will definitely put your business in the front-line and more closer to your customers. Do it and see the fans craving to buy from you every time there is new launch from your company.

Provide them with exceptional quality and try to set the price low as possible until you have some loyal following. Then slowly increase the price tag in steps but don’t compromise with the quality. Each one of your customer should be treated equally with great respect and should be attended whenever they have trouble with the product. Which shows how much you care for them and also the professionalism.

When you do this the buyer will have faith in you and will be fully aware of the service and customer support you provide them. They will also help spread the word to the world.

Competition Analysis and Knowing Your Market

Interesting headline isn’t it? I know it is, but this is a serious topic that we are going to discuss which is neglected by almost all the businessmen who have failed which is why they are called a failure. Let us see what mistakes these failed business owners have done which we will avoid to stay safe and grow our business without committing them.

Competition analysis is vital to get more exposure to your business than your competitor.


The first rule to succeed is to remember not to fail. I mean every action or decision you take should be taken carefully and it’s end result as to be visualized before imposing them on your business or anyone associated with it. You don’t want to regret for such simple mistakes later on.

The second rule is to learn from your competitors mistake. You should be smart here not to repeat the same mistakes that is why it is important to understand why the competition is failing.

It is not only the mistakes that you have to learn from them, everyone will be good at something even the competitor will be good at some part of the business know that. Try to implement the same strategies in your business too, if possible improvise those methods and then add them to your arsenal.

Do what your competitor is not doing. I meant some local businesses just focus on their offline sales and they just forget how important it is today to focus on customers who purchase online. If you can leverage this potential then you have again given some extra power to your business.

Now when your done with analyzing both the positive and negatives of your competitors business, it is time to focus on the market demand.

Are customers to your or the competitors products getting what they wanted? You should not yes or no because it is the customers who have to reveal this to you. Have ever made an attempt at least to ask them what they actually wanted. Or did they come to you and request for something that is missing your service. Just do this and see the outcome, you will be astonished to notice the final result.

Go some more extent and get your customers surveyed both online and offline whether they are satisfied with your service. Request them to leave feedback on the product and any suggestions for improvement. You will get enormous amount of tips and feedback which you can then work out. Keeping your customers happy is the final motivation for good business.

Survey monkey is a good website that can help you with all your surveys, try it once.

How to Get Your Business Noticed by Customers

This is the biggest problem every business owner who is starting out fresh has today. And there is nothing to be embarrassed about here because everyone learns has they progress further in business. Nobody comes completely equipped with the knowledge that will put them or their business in the top right. So how many of you agree with me.

Forget those old days, today things have changed. Which means good news to you young entrepreneurs. Follow me as I shed light on some of the most effective ways to leverage promotional methods to get the kind of business exposure that your services really need.


Are your ready?

Well these are some of the methods that get some instant results and others take time.First on the list is press releases and media marketing.

Yes, you have heard this right. Press releases are one of the most overlooked strategies by new startups and small business. When you take this into account seeing results is just minutes away after releasing your first news to the general public. Using media has always been a time tested strategy by experts in the industry. Today online promotions are nothing without these and to be precise new brands kick start with the help of press releases. That was interesting to know.

Media marketing, so what does it involve?

Videos, news, tv commercials and you name the rest. Place ads on local tv channels if you are running a local business. Or else get your news onto the newspaper so that the entire neighbourhood are aware that your business exists. When you are done with the news and tv infomercials it is time we move onto something creative and I like this next method.

It is not difficult to proceed with video marketing because almost everyone today knows how to create and upload videos on youtube. But here we just make a professional video about our business and broadcast it not just on youtube but also other popular video sharing sites for maximum exposure.Don’t underestimate the power of videos because people prefer videos over text based websites and this means your taking this advantage to get your business in-front of people.

Social media promotions, don’t say you have forgotten this. Millions of people today spend few minutes online at facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. This is a huge opportunity for us to advertise our products to targeted people who are most likely to buy from us. What many of us don’t know is that we can display ads to only people in a specific geography, gender or age and also during a specified time of the day.

This was just the online promotional strategies what about the offline promotions. Classified ads, flyers, banner hoardings, pamphlets and brochures this list gets going. Use some creativity and be different than your competitors, this alone should get you an advantage over any obstacle.

Who knows where you might get targeted audience from. Just keep your self updated with the trends and business practices and let the world (meaning customers) follow your services with changing technology.