Dishwasher Reviews – Our Pick The Top Rated Dishwashers 2014

dishwashers reviews

How about shopping for a dishwasher? How many of you are happy with the process of selecting a good one for your home. Well when it comes to going through the entire process from start to finish, then you will feel the complications involved in it.

I did not just want to depend on dishwasher ratings but instead wanted something that could offer me some more features like the 3rd rack which comes extra in some dishwasher companies like bosch. So after a few weeks of gathering information on all the home worthy features, I finally found the best dishwasher for the money which features amazing functions that could fit in our budget.

Just imagine yourself with so many models all from major brands like lg, bosch, kenmore, kitchenaid, maytag and miele dishwashers. Can you stand for their competition (I mean it gets difficult for a common home maker to pick the right dishwasher).

Not only this but we have with us a wide range of brand with varying prices – but most popular being under $500 and people who could want some more features can spend between $500 to $1000, it all comes down to affordability and the need for comfort.

I personally prefer dishwashers with wash cycles, number of racks, sound levels, rinse lock and child safety. The overall customer reports or rating should be positive for all the above mentioned functions. Don’t forget that maintenance also comes in as an extra labor and something that can auto clean itself would be useful.


Video – How to Load Your Dishwasher Properly

It was something that bugged me every time a problem popped up while loading dishes into the dishwasher. So I took guidance from this video and then saw some good results later on. Eventually I saw some good results by the end of the day and to my shocking the amount of vessels loaded also increased thanks to the video tips.


How to Clean a Dishwasher

This has been a long time question to be answered. Now I guess it is the right moment to give a brief answer to cleaning your dishwasher. Actually cleaning up the dishwashers do not require heavy chemicals and or cleansing agents, you can do it with any of the household stuff available.

There are many people I know who use homemade dishwasher detergents to clean their machine. You could probably be using them and save a good amount of time and energy. This will do the same job without sacrificing with the results.

The most commonly used materials for cleaning are vinegar and baking soda.